Wendy King
Nov 8, '10, 5:27 PM

The Chinese character symbolizes “double happiness”.  It makes me happy making these pots, and I hope you are happy using or gifting them! 

I make everyday pots for people; that's how I share the magical transformation of raw earth elements into ceramic vessels. 

The clay’s softness and plasticity is revealed in the thrown forms; the faceting and fluting are for the users’ touch; brushwork for their eye. Organic forms: leaves, gourds, and Monterey Bay are my inspirations. My Chinese-American heritage and many years in Asian villages are my cultural references.
I “plastic bag-pugmill” re-cycled stoneware clays, buy mid-fire range porcelain clay, and make up a subdued palette of Chun, Val Cushing and Van Gilder glazes.
My apprenticeship to local production potter, Joel Magen, taught me the rhythm of pottery, and to work in series, to learn and to evolve.  


December 10 – 11,  17 – 18, 2011
Sat & Sun 11 am – 4 pm

A percentage of sales will be donated to Santa Cruz Ombudsman program.

Wendy King
143 Mason Street
Santa Cruz CA 95060